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Schoolhouse Fabrics of Quilt Quality, Priced by 1/2 yard


Quilt-Quality, 100% cotton fabrics with prints that will delight students of all ages. Timeless Treasures, Wilmington Fabrics, RJR Dan Morris designs ... all at reduced prices because when I find a sale, you find the sale price!


The School Desk and Subjects fabric is by RJR and the bolt comes with this message: this fabric has reactive dyes and will not lose dye when washed, and so does not need to be pre-washed. Music to my ears! I love working with a crisp fabric like this and not having to worry about bleeding colors.


Please indicate in the space provided below how you would like your fabric to be cut; it is priced here in half-yard units. If you want a full yard in one piece, please order two units and indicate "cut as a full yard." Your order will be cut from the bolt and shipped.


If the shipping of multiple pieces results in an overestimate of shipping costs, I will refund via PayPal the difference between the estimate and the actual cost. Thank you for your patience.


Happy quilting!

If ordering more than 1 unit of 1/2 yard, please specify how you would like your yardage cut: Example, "2 units, cut as one full yard"

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