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B2: Teaching Volume 2: Stories Reflecting the Classroom


Publication Date: August 25, 2011 Teaching Volume II:Stories Reflecting the Classroom includes stories from the classroom, commentaries about teaching conditions, union status, and student support.

Reader Reviews

Aug. 2013, Massachusetts:


I just finished reading "Teaching Part 2" tonight by Terry Crawford

Palardy.  It is easy reading but full of thought provoking visions and

inspirations that is a must read for all in the school system.  I can

picture Terry's experiences as she relates these, but it is really

about what is said in between the lines that grabs a person's focus.

Her experiences just makes your own memories of school days come

alive.  The book is very direct and to the point. It is a mixture of

short recollections and personal feelings which also makes the book

real and makes you, as a student, wish you had shown deeper

appreciation for teachers when you were in school. Good job Terry!


~ Jeanne Probst, author of The Fifteen Houses

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